Instagram to Sell Your Photos Without Compensation

When Facebook acquired the popular photo-sharing app Instagram a few months back for $1 billion, many argued the deal didn’t make sense because they were buying a company that essentially made no money.  Well, it looks like the new terms of use aim to solve that problem at the expense of the users.

The new terms of use state that, “you agree that a business or other entity may pay us to display your username, likeness, photos (along with any

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Top 5 Twitter Header Sites

Now that Twitter has established the new header image feature, it’s time for me to weigh in on what I think of it.  Being a designer, I know whether something looks good or not; therefore, I feel I am entitled to share my opinion on something such as the Twitter header.  Okay, now let’s cut the crap and get to the fun stuff.


1. Free Twitter Headers

Coming in first place is a site that has quite a few nice features on it.  The first being their preview.  Every post allows the user to hover over the header image and see what it will look like when they implement it into their header.  This prevents users from wasting time with trying out image after image and disliking all  of them.  Though the aforementioned features may be great, the best thing about Free Twitter Headers is that they listen to your suggestions!  Give them a follow on Twitter and let them know what you want in a Twitter header and they’ll have it created in the next day or so, simple as that!


2. Tumblr

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2013 Sunrises & Sunsets Calendar

 Update: They’re Here!!!

I have been looking into creating a calendar for quite some time now, and I suppose this is the right time to make one now that the 2012 year is coming to a close in a few months.  After asking a few people for their opinion on a theme, I have decided it will be sunrises and sunsets.  With the help of my girlfriend, we narrowed down all of my sunrise and sunset photographs down to the 12 best in our opinion.  Here are the results:

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