Top 5 Twitter Header Sites

Now that Twitter has established the new header image feature, it’s time for me to weigh in on what I think of it.  Being a designer, I know whether something looks good or not; therefore, I feel I am entitled to share my opinion on something such as the Twitter header.  Okay, now let’s cut the crap and get to the fun stuff.


1. Free Twitter Headers

Coming in first place is a site that has quite a few nice features on it.  The first being their preview.  Every post allows the user to hover over the header image and see what it will look like when they implement it into their header.  This prevents users from wasting time with trying out image after image and disliking all  of them.  Though the aforementioned features may be great, the best thing about Free Twitter Headers is that they listen to your suggestions!  Give them a follow on Twitter and let them know what you want in a Twitter header and they’ll have it created in the next day or so, simple as that!


2. Tumblr

Yes, Tumblr.  Although I’m sure you all know, Tumblr isn’t exclusively a header image site.  The thing with Tumblr is that it’s filled with millions of creative people, many of which are creating new headers every day and giving them away!  Stop by Tumblr and see what you can find using the search feature!


3. All Twitter Headers

Another solid choice for twitter headers is All Twitter Headers.  They offer a large variety of celebrity twitter headers that really look great when implemented into your header!


4. TwitCover

TwitCover has a beautiful site!  The design is fantastic, and they do provide some quality headers.  The problem with TwitCover is that their headers aren’t tailored to be for Twitter.  It appears they are a Facebook cover site that was converted to Twitter headers.  The problem with this is as simple as one word: location.  The headers on this site are neat, but when you put them on the profile, your avatar is blocking the main features of a lot of the images, thus completely destroying the point of it!  One nice feature they have though is that they are integrated with twitter, allowing users to upload directly from their site.


5. Headers For Twitter

Headers For Twitter rounds off the top 5 because of its vast variety of people headers.  From celebrities to silhouettes, Headers For Twitter has what you want when it comes to the people category.  Other than that, they do offer some great landscape headers as well!

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