Review: Canon 7D Firmware Update Version 2.0


Well, I just noticed the 7D firmware update release tonight, so I decided to download it and see what it was like.  I was pleasantly surprised with some of the new features and how handy I thought they were.  The 7D Firmware Update Version 2.0 highlights such as:

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Warped Tour Orlando 2012 Photos

Warped Tour Orlando this year was a blast!  I had an awesome time photographing some great performances!  Click the links below to view the full albums for each band!  Check out some of my favorites below or click here to view the album with all photos from Warped  Tour Orlando!

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HDR Photography Tutorial

I was recently asked to create an HDR photography tutorial, so here it is!  I know some people are familiar with what HDR photography is, but very few are completely sure how to create an HDR photograph outside of their iPhone.  Allow me to demystify the art of High Dynamic Range photography.

HDR photographs are created by taking a series of multiple exposures (typically three, but can be more) and merging them together to create one final image with a large dynamic range.  The technique used to take these photographs is known as exposure bracketing.  The photographs taken are typically one at the proper exposure (0 EV), one that is two stops* underexposed (-2 EV), and one that is two stops overexposed (+2 EV).  What this does is allows you to capture darkest and brightest aspect of your subject and bring them out when we process them later.

[note_box]NOTE: A stop is a measure of exposure value (EV).  I would go more into what exactly EV is and how it is calculated, but nobody wants to get into logarithmic scales right now; we’re here to make cool photos! :)[/note_box]

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Photoshop Tutorial: Dramatic Black and White Photographs

This tutorial is to show you how to create very dramatic/contrasted black and white photos using Adobe Photoshop CS5 without any extra plug-ins.  I was sent this request from a good friend of mine who is starting to get back into photography, so I thought it would be a good way to kick off my collection of Photoshop tutorials!

Download the source files for free by sharing the tutorial with your friends!  This includes the original photo, the texture used, and a Photoshop Action that will automatically perform the steps discussed in this tutorial.  [iframe src=”″ name=”paytweet_button2″ width = “240px” height = “24px” scrolling=”No” frameborder=”no” id=”paytweet_button2″]

Step 1

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New Twitter Logo Icon Pack Download

Hey Guys, Just thought I’d give everybody something I just made.  It’s a set of icons of the new Twitter logo.  If you need to update your social media icons because of the change, here you go!  Tell your friends to come here for the download!  All icons are 300px x 300px. [iframe src=”″ name=”paytweet_button2″ … Read more