Review: Canon 7D Firmware Update Version 2.0


Well, I just noticed the 7D firmware update release tonight, so I decided to download it and see what it was like.  I was pleasantly surprised with some of the new features and how handy I thought they were.  The 7D Firmware Update Version 2.0 highlights such as:

  • 25-frame continuous shooting in Raw @ 8fps and 15-frame continuous in Raw+JPEG mode.
  • In-camera Raw image processing.
  • The ability to rate images in review mode.
  • 6 additional options in review mode by pressing the quality button (little Q in the square by RAW JPEG button).
  • Maximum ISO limits for Auto ISO from 400 ISO to 6400 ISO.
  • JPEG resizing ability in the camera.
  • Manual audio level adjustment.

My favorite new feature of this firmware update is the ability to rate photos while reviewing them.  This saves me a lot of time when I get back to my computer and also allows me to see what it was I liked in the spur of the shoot.  Also, if a client points out a particular photo they are fond of , I can mark it so that I make sure it gets reviewed when I import my images.

Another neat feature added to the 7D firmware update is the ability to process raw images while in the review screen.  Although some may not think this is a very handy feature, I think it was nice to be able to view the different white balance presets on an image rather than having to examine them in the live view environment.

Both of the previous features are more of a nice feature to have, but not something that I would consider to be the most useful tool in the world.  The new feature that I find to be extremely nice to have is the maximum ISO level adjustment.  I hate when I don’t use auto ISO, but I could image how annoying it would be if the camera kept trying to crank up the iso because of a dark shirt in a photograph or something of that nature.

Being an audio guy along with being a filmmaker, the ability to adjust the mic pre on the camera is an amazing feature.  I hate when I get home only to find that the camera didn’t react fast enough to a sudden spike in volume.  I will be sure to use this feature quite often from now on.

Now, for all you sports photographers out there, Canon hasn’t forgotten why so many of you bought the 7D.  They added a nifty little feature that allows you to shoot up to 25 continuous frame at 8 frames per second in Raw, and up to 16 continuous frames in Raw+JPEG mode, how nice of them!  If you find yourself needing this feature often, I feel bad for how long it must take you to review your photos after a shoot! :O

Welp, that’s my take on the new 7D Firmware Update Version 2.0, I hope you all found it insightful.  Be sure to follow me on twitter @RealIanroth and @IanRothStudios and like me on Facebook!  Thanks for reading! 🙂

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