Category: Video Shoots

This is my collection of all the video shoots I do. Whether they are for clients or personal use, I’m going to try to keep them all here.

Overjoy Lifestyle Video

So here’s a video that I recently shot with Stockworth Realty Group.  This is one of the first videos I have done where we really made an effort to get people in the video and make it more of a “lifestyle” video as people seem to be calling it.  I think the result was well worth […]

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Photoshop Tutorial – Non-Destructive Editing Tips

I see a lot of people screwing up their Photoshop documents by using destructive editing techniques, so here is me showing you how to cut that habit and become a non-destructive editing pro in no time! 🙂 [youtube_video id=”fhxgtPHZNGs”]

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Photoshop Tutorial – Multiplicity Photography

I had a lot of people email me and ask me how I created this photo, so I figured I would make a multiplicity photography tutorial and show you how I did it!  I hope you all find it helpful! 🙂 [youtube_video id=”tdIHkbJK2gY”]

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Photoshop Tutorial – Centering Layers

This is my first photoshop tutorial I’ve ever done through video and I think I’m going to do more in the future.  It was really weird to talk to the computer screen at first, but it got easier with time.  Check out the video and in no time, you will become a Photoshop centering aficionado! […]

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