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These posts are going to be photo shoots that I do for real estate companies like Isleworth Realty, Stockworth Realty Group, among others.

Photographing ‘N Sync Member Chris Kirkpatrick’s Home (with High Resolution Photos)

I don’t talk about the people who own the homes I photograph simply because it would not be professional of me to do so.  Owners of multi-million dollar homes value privacy over nearly anything else in their lives and I respect that.  Having some kid go off and post on the internet about the sterling […]

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La Bellezza Dorata

I had such a good time shooting this home!  I spent two days photographing the home due to the rain and clouds that move in from time to time here in Florida.  Actually, the homeowners started making fun of me because I showed up on what seemed like a perfectly sunny day and the clouds followed […]

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Modern Home in Thorton Park for Stockworth Realty Group

It’s funny how things work out from time to time.  When I first got into shooting luxury real estate, I had a few homes I had seen on the in the Orlando area that I thought would be fun to shoot.  Well, this is one of those homes.  It’s modern, well built, and extremely […]

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A Home Named Overjoy

Overjoy.  This is the name given to this contemporary masterpiece of a home.  I spent three days in this home photographing the interior rooms, exterior, and the details that make this home so unique.  There are so many homes I go into that have incredible features, top-of-the-line appliances, and a prime location but it’s rare […]

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Capaciously Contemporary for Isleworth Realty

This is the second home I have every really photographed, and it was definitely intimidating to shoot.  This home is just over 6,000 square feet on the world-renown Isleworth golf course and lakefront on the Butler Chain.  The way I prepped for a shoot like this when I had never done anything like it was […]

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