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These articles are typically a byproduct of me having strong reaction (positive or negative) to news in my industries. My take on new product announcements, acquisitions, events, conferences, etc.

Photographing ‘N Sync Member Chris Kirkpatrick’s Home (with High Resolution Photos)

I don’t talk about the people who own the homes I photograph simply because it would not be professional of me to do so.  Owners of multi-million dollar homes value privacy over nearly anything else in their lives and I respect that.  Having some kid go off and post on the internet about the sterling […]

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Instagram to Sell Your Photos Without Compensation

When Facebook acquired the popular photo-sharing app Instagram a few months back for $1 billion, many argued the deal didn’t make sense because they were buying a company that essentially made no money.  Well, it looks like the new terms of use aim to solve that problem at the expense of the users. The new […]

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Top 5 Twitter Header Sites

Now that Twitter has established the new header image feature, it’s time for me to weigh in on what I think of it.  Being a designer, I know whether something looks good or not; therefore, I feel I am entitled to share my opinion on something such as the Twitter header.  Okay, now let’s cut […]

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2013 Sunrises & Sunsets Calendar

 Update: They’re Here!!! I have been looking into creating a calendar for quite some time now, and I suppose this is the right time to make one now that the 2012 year is coming to a close in a few months.  After asking a few people for their opinion on a theme, I have decided […]

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