Photographer Spotlight: Lainey Taylor Photography

As a music photographer myself, I’m always intrigued in seeing other music photographers’ work.  There’s just something about photographing a concert that just doesn’t compare to other types of photography.  Seeing people performing and doing something they love brings a whole new type of emotion to the photographs.  So this week’s photographer spotlight is on a fellow music/concert photographer; Lainey Taylor.  I asked Lainey a few questions so you could get to know her a little better.  Enjoy!

Me: What is your background in photography? What got you started, what do you shoot, and why do you like shooting that?

LT: I was first introduced into photography by my Mom. She is more or less an Ansel Adams of her time. I grew up with a darkroom in our home, and ever since I was old enough to help her develop, I would! When I reached my sophomore year in high school I actually took up photography myself. It was a basicc class, so we started with nature shots, close ups, and beginning portraiture. After that, I soon realised I was destined to shoot something much more exciting, something I truly had passion for; music.

Check out this photo on facebook for a chance to win a copy of it signed by the entire Pierce The Veil band!

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My Latest Adventure: Luxury Real Estate Photography

Just the other day I got an opportunity to do something new.  Whenever I get a chance to photograph something new, I jump on it.  I am now photographing luxury real estate in Orlando.  This particular house is $5,000,000 and is located in a private golf community in Orlando.  Let me know what you guys think of the photos!  I only got to photograph the interior, but I have a shoot this week where I will be doing both interior and exterior photographs.  I’ll be sure to post photos from that shoot when they are done.

The main technique used for interiors photography is a lot of HDR.  I layered between 3 and 9 exposures per image in this shoot and the lens I used was a Canon 17-40mm f/4L on a Canon 5D mark ii body.  If you have any questions about the photos, tweet me or post on my facebook wall and I’ll reply as soon as I can.


Luxury Real Estate Interior Photograph

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Photographer Spotlight: Sam Moores

I’m starting a new trend on my site that I’m going to call the photographer spotlight.  I’m going to start choosing photographers with great talents and I will post about their work.  To start it off, I picked automotive photographer Sam Moores.  Sam Moores is a photographer based in London, and he does incredible things when given a camera and a car.  Here are some examples of Sam’s work:

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Instagram to Sell Your Photos Without Compensation

When Facebook acquired the popular photo-sharing app Instagram a few months back for $1 billion, many argued the deal didn’t make sense because they were buying a company that essentially made no money.  Well, it looks like the new terms of use aim to solve that problem at the expense of the users.

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How I Started Photographing Concerts (and how you can, too!)

Whenever I’m out photographing a concert, I have people come up to me and say, “Dude, how did you get to take pictures at this show?  This is like my favorite band!”  The answer is really less complicated than some make it seem.  If you want to take photos at concerts, all it takes is a little bit of effort on your part.  Record labels aren’t going to call you up and ask you to come shoot their shows (although I have had that happen once or twice).

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Learning From Your Photos: The Immediate Key to Better Photography

The other day I was doing product photos when I realized something that I did well.  I learn from every single photograph that I take.  I would take a photo, look at it, and then make changes to improve the shot.  I believe this is a key that every photographer needs to learn.  I’m going to walk you through the photos I took from the first to the last and point out what I did in each photograph to improve from the one before.  Alright, time to go Darwin on my photos! Continue reading

So You’re Looking to Buy a DSLR, Eh?

As DSLRs become more affordable, more people are rushing to their local camera store and picking up their very own camera to try their hand at photography.  I’m being asked more each day, “what camera is best for (insert price here)” and “I’m going to get a camera this week, what do you recommend?”  Although you would think that I could spit out an answer without thinking about it too much, I wouldn’t feel right doing that.  When someone comes to me with a question, I feel the least I can do is give my best answer based on the information I’m given. So what do I do?  I answer their question with the following queries of my own:

- Are there any particular features you want the camera to have?

- How much are you looking to spend?

- What do you intend on using the camera for?

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Top 5 Twitter Header Sites

Now that Twitter has established the new header image feature, it’s time for me to weigh in on what I think of it.  Being a designer, I know whether something looks good or not; therefore, I feel I am entitled to share my opinion on something such as the Twitter header.  Okay, now let’s cut the crap and get to the fun stuff.


1. Free Twitter Headers

Coming in first place is a site that has quite a few nice features on it.  The first being their preview.  Every post allows the user to hover over the header image and see what it will look like when they implement it into their header.  This prevents users from wasting time with trying out image after image and disliking all  of them.  Though the aforementioned features may be great, the best thing about Free Twitter Headers is that they listen to your suggestions!  Give them a follow on Twitter and let them know what you want in a Twitter header and they’ll have it created in the next day or so, simple as that!


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